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L. Diving

Cindy is incredibly talented and dedicated to her work. It showed in the sample edit she did for my book, with comments and edits throughout. She uses the reader's perspective to ensure that the mission of the book is also clearly articulated, and that the recounted timeline is chronologically - and hence, logically - intact. Her edits to improve the flow of the work, as well as ensure the consistency of the tone were spot-on. She overdelivered with a rapid turn-around time. Definitely a superstar in the writing world!

M. Downs

Hello Cindy! I just want to follow up with you regarding a project you worked on for me. As you can see by the attached images and posters, your craftwork has been quite busy! You personally touched my creation and contributed in ways I couldn’t have imagined. The Way You See Me Now has won many awards! The novel has been adapted into a screenplay. It even influenced a new book series and an award-winning short film! I will be heading to Cannes (France) in a few weeks to pitch these wonderful works! Thanks in part to you! Fingers crossed and many prayers, we will continue to prosper. 

R. Thomas

Cindy is knowledgeable, responsive, and great to work with. My project is fairly large, so I haven't worked through all her edits or comments yet. But in going through just the first few pages, I can tell she was thorough and thoughtful. Her edit will undoubtedly have a very positive impact on my book. Thanks, Cindy!
(This author was the actor who played Bobby in the original Karate Kid movie.)
About – Sensei Ron Thomas

D. Poe

Cindy does an amazing job! She is easy to communicate with and gets a good understanding of my requirements. She NEVER disappoints!

C. Williams

You truly went above and beyond on my edit and took such a rough draft and made it into a real book. This will not only help me with publishing this book, but your style of writing has helped provide inspiration and direction for another book I am writing. I am truly grateful for the time and effort you put into this edit and I look forward to working with you in the future!

J. Varin

This is my first time working with an editor and I felt immediate comfort. I felt as if her heart was put into her work as much as my heart goes into my story. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and will be my go-to for another book. Truly appreciate all her hard work and pulling my story together in ways I never would've been able to.

R. Ruark

Prompt response, super friendly, and great work. I'd been staring at this piece so long I couldn't see how to make it any better, but I LOVE the edits Cindy suggested and am going to implement them. This has really helped tighten my writing.

K. D. Bowers

Cindy is the best editor on Fiver, period. She provided excellent feedback to help enhance my story. She also saw a lot of issues many editors did not bring to my attention. Overall, the turnaround was quick. I am satisfied with my order. I look forward to working with Cindy in the future!

K. Arvey

I was nervous because this is my 1st time to self-publish & work directly with an editor! There’s a reason I had to wait two months to get Cindy! SHE IS THE BEST. A true professional who delivers on time & works WITH the author - respecting their personal style & purpose - without deleting half of the content. She is my go-to editor going forward! TY Cindy!

R. Cling

My experience with Cindy has been the best and most professional I have had on this or any other platform. The quality of her editing is outstanding and has dramatically improved my manuscript. She picks up on incongruities and details that need to be fixed or drawn out in better detail. Communication is excellent and she is extremely responsive. I will most definitely be using her services again.

R. Buttons

Cindy is a real pro. She promised deep edits and that is exactly what she delivered. This is the third time I've used her. She takes the time to absorb my writing and makes suggestions that take my manuscripts to the highest level. She is also very prompt and very conscientious. I would not hesitate to use her again.

G. Nevada

Amazing editor! Absolutely worth every penny ...

N. Kelly

EXACTLY what I needed! My book was at such a rough stage. I knew it could be great, but it wasn't yet. Having only published a book traditionally before I was spoiled having an art team and editorial team behind my first book. I would not use anyone else on FIVERR for editing, I have worked with Pros and this is exactly how it is done. 

A. Williams

I wish I could articulate what Cindy did for my manuscript. She cleaned it up and made it so much better. She is a treasure to work with. Honest and professional in every way. She is a Godsend. Thank you so much I greatly appreciate it.

Susie W.

Excellent - wonderful clarity and precision which helped me bring forward my ideas. Fast response, professional, detailed and generous - Absolute professional. Much appreciated - Highly recommended !


Wow thank you so much! The story reads beautifully! You took my rough text and elevated it into a true work of art, picking up on nuances I didn't even notice. I got tears when you brought the story back around with the king still able to communicate with the animals. I am so appreciative! You added a fresh perspective and brought the story to life. I loved working with you! Highly recommend to anyone!

H. Dirck

Cindy was a joy to work with! I appreciated her timeliness, professionalism, and detailed feedback. Not only is she a talented and valuable editor, but she is friendly and extremely responsive to questions. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Cherub Nation

My heartfelt gratitude and utmost appreciation for the exceptional editing services Cindy has provided for my children's book series! Her invaluable contributions demonstrate a deep understanding of the nuances of children's literature. She has a keen eye for enhancing the narrative's clarity, coherence, and flow. 
Cindy's editorial expertise and craft of editing have been instrumental in bringing my creative vision to life. She has refined my manuscripts to their full potential, which I am confident will resonate with young readers.
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