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Picture Book Editing for straight prose -

RATE:  $85 for up to 750 words 

Picture Book Editing for rhyming text - 

RATE: $135 for up to 500 words

I have written several picture books and DEEPLY EDITED AND IMPROVED more than 150 for other authors. I rework, rephrase, trim filler words, flesh out scenes where necessary to improve the story, and bring it full circle while retaining your voice and the original story arc. A polished, PROOFREAD story is returned.

For rhyming books, meter/cadence/beats and the rhyming scheme is also improved which usually entails extensive rewriting to achieve the best results while maintaining your vision of the book.


If you need illustration suggestions or other help, please message me with your needs.


If your book is finished but not quite what you envisioned, I can help. Maybe a part sags or isn't as intense, heartwarming, poignant, exciting, or as clear as you intended. Perhaps the dialogue is weak, the verbs ho-hum, or the action leaves readers on the verge of a yawn. 


I bring an intuitive edge and professional expertise to my edits and breathe even more life into your book. Typically, the work involves three rounds of editing.

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