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About Me

Hi, I'm Cindy, a small-town Minnesota native with international and multi-dimensional perspectives. I've lived in North Carolina for the last 29 years, raised my four boys here, and we all call it home. 

As they say... nothing's finer than Carolina... especially in the months that don't include summer! 

I've romanced the written word for most of my life in one capacity or another whether it was in letters to friends and family, public information for dissemination by the government, editing manuscripts for hundreds of authors, or writing my own books. 

The latter is getting more of my attention these days.   

​The Little Girl Who Talks to Trees launched Nov. '23 
and I have five other picture books in various stages of completion begging for my attention as well as fiction and non-fiction books for adults.

After working in the capacity of developmental editor for more than a hundred romance authors, I am currently writing one of my own called Hearts on the Beach.


I'm not sure what to call the sub-genre yet, but for now I'll say it's an enemies-to-lovers story about a man and a woman who fall in love before they meet and therefore complicate their in-person fight over a piece of oceanfront property on the most untamed barrier island in North Carolina. I'm really excited about the story arc! Expected release date is late spring 2024. Just before beach season! 

The stories in my mind haunt my dreams, for once the mind is stretched by a new idea, it can never regain its original dimensions. 


And so I write into the night and fill the pages of each passing month, birthing characters and settings and dialogue, nurturing those stories until they come to life.  Maybe one day, with a score of books bearing my name, I will feel comfortable calling myself both editor AND author.

Please reach out via my email address on the contact page on this site or through my service on Fiverr if you need an experienced Wordsmith. Happy writing! 

Warm Regards,

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