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Deep Edit - RATE:  $18 per 1,000 words 

The deep edit is a combination of corrections for grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues along with sentence and sometimes paragraph level line editing to the degree the manuscript can be improved by it. These edits address clarity, flow, impact, and the reader's experience.


In addition, as I work, I consider the 'script from both a reader and an editorial perspective and leave developmental comments for issues that go outside the scope of editing and must be addressed by the author. These cover all elements of storytelling in the case of fiction, and the logical, efficient, and clear flow of information in the case of non-fiction books. Comments often include sample rewrites of chapter openings and paragraphs when it can be useful, suggestions, discussions about a particular point in the story arc, and more.

In the many years I've been editing, I've found this combination of services is the most helpful, and the most cost effective for authors. It is a very comprehensive edit and covers most of the editing bases. I return a very clean final copy, but the author is left with some work to do based on the comments I send back. If you would like me to look at the changes you make based on those comments, I offer a deep edit of those parts as a separate service for a flat $50 fee. Comments will need to be preserved in the manuscript so I can understand what work was done based on my comments. I typically turn this work around with
in 48 hours of the $50 order.


Please realize that a final proofread cannot be done at the same time as an edit. When all editing is complete, the final proof can be accomplished in very short order by the author using Grammarly or any number of other free products, thereby saving a portion of typical editing expenses. 

I need either a Word or Google document to edit, preferably Word. With Word documents, I use track changes to show edits and comments, and in Google docs, the commenting and suggestions as edits features. Both allow the author to accept or reject an edit.


For your planning purposes, I typically edit at least 10,000 words a day once I begin the project, but I tend to stay booked up at least thirty days out so please do reach out and reserve a spot in my work queue before your manuscript is complete.


I look forward to working with you!

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